Important people in my life

Hola again people!

Didnt do much this couple of there's not much to tell here..So i guess today i want to let the whole world to know who are the important people in my life...

Of course my dad!he's my hero!He takes good care of us with all his strength and giving me courage throughout my school days..I know i've done many mistakes in my life..i want to make it up to my dad..i want him to look at me and finally be proud of me and forget all the mistakes i have done..I am so sorry dad..And i Love you so mch!!

And then there's my sister!my little sister, my kawan gaduh, my bestfriend and yes annoying sometimes(jangan marah ha!nanti kena jual)..she's my lovely sister who also helps me get through with my life after my mum passed glad that she's with me..i really love you sis if u're reading this eventhough we fought almost 24/7 kan?heheh thats why i love you!hehe

Oh yeah!this is my baby Amy!my adorable and sleeping all the time cat amy!I found amy back in 2003, she was just a baby!cute baby cat!she's a naughty naughty cat that likes to bully my sister's cat,chell..and yes amy always wins!hehe

and yes ...also the love of my life...

We've been through a lot together and still going stronger and wiser each day..everyday i love you my boo!

Aha and finally crime partner!!!!

Ha!i want to let ya all know that she's my bestfriend in everything!hehe back in the days when we used to sneak out kan azleen?hehe

There's a lot of important people in my life ..helped me a lot trough my rough life..
so i wanna thank ya all for always be there when i need ya!I love you all!

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