Happy 1st Anniversary to us

19/12/2009 was our 1st anniversary...Alhamdulillah..

enjoy the pics..


since im on healthy diet, i only eat a tiny bite of cupcake without the cream, yay!

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wish me luck!

i am now starting to



eating healthy food...

i want to loose all this baby weight...

wish me luck!


hehe :D

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Naira's latest picture...

Hi All...

Look at me...


hehe :D

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Queen of our heart

Hello everybody..

my due date suppose to be on the 25th october...but guess what? i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the last day of puasa which mean she's baby takbir raya..
i was alone at home at that time when my water broke,just imagine how leo react when i told him my water broke ehehhe .. and alhamdulillah the contraction sekejap only.. and syukur alhamdulillah ,eventhough i was fasting that day, i still have the energy to gave birth, normal. she's a healthy 2.8kg baby girl ..

Let me introduce you to the Queen of our heart, Naira Eryna Lashirah.

i love being a mom ,just one problem though, i seriously need to loose my baby weight , gila weh.

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any tips on losing weight after giving birth?

above pic is the before and after pic of me ...

i gained 18kg sudah , matailah sia..

any tips , anyone?

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Ramadhan tiba lagi

Tomorrow fasting month begin..

im happy and im sad...

im happy celebrating ramadhan with my new family..and im sad for not able to celebrate ramadhan with my dad and sister.. no more bangun sahur together with them ..sad eh ..

I will try to fast this month..hopefully i can tahan with my condition being hungry all the time...grrr...ehehe

and the best part about ramadhan is...... *drum rolling *

LOTS of food.....

still dont forget to wear mask ..i am worried ..just heard the news this morning , 34 weeks pregnant women died because of H1N1...

Ya Allah lindungilah kami...

apapun, Happy Ramadhan semua!!

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yep , simply me and my sister at the back...

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