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I want to get my own credit card since i was 16 years old.Why?so i can go shopping anytime i want, being able to buy things without having the money.Sounds good right?well,if you know how to use credit card,you'll be safe but if you don't get education on how to use credit cards responsibly, bad things happen.You'll end up in huge debts.Credit cards have their own charges,High and low,its up to you to compare which credit card is the best for you.You can choose yourCredit Card,a comparison site that make you easy to choose a credit card that you like.

So you have a credit card balance on your current card?Dont worry ,you can do a balance transfers which is easy with a host of offers that will suit.

So you want a credit cards with cash back.You can enjoy earning as much as you spend when you pay your balance in full every month.Earn benefits like earning up to 3% cash back from your American Express Express Platinum card for all your household spending for the initial 3 months!

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At November 7, 2007 at 5:01 AM, Blogger Me, Myself and I said...

awww credit cards... sometimes I get crazy for them haha


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