Dedicated to my friends's been a while since my last entry..some say im with leo saja,:P lol,nope,im catching up with work,loads of them.

Good news for me ,there's nothing wrong with my camera,only the setting,i manage to upload my pics,yehaw!hehehe

so, lemme tell the story of me being held captivate in ...well not really,i was in sarawak for a month doing induction course,you might be wondering how was i during my stay there..The truth is i hate the hostel we stayed in as well as the food they serve there.On the first day i arrive,believe it or not , i started to write "how many days left" notes and stuck it on the wall,yes its that bad!

Days goes by,i get to know my fellow sarawakians and they're very nice.They tried their best to make us feel welcomed.They take us out to dinner,movies and lots more.

Though we had many activities and that kinda holding back our plans to go here and there, still we manage to jalan jalan cari makan and i must say , the best place to eat tomyam is in Barok , Khai told us it's tomyam with susu, we laughed cause we never heard of tomyam susu before and we thought he wanted to say santan not susu,boy..we're so wrong, it's the best Tomyam susu ever!thanks khai!we owe you one!
Did i tell you the name of the tomyam?Tomyam Kapal Pecah!hehehe

Here is the brief story with pics during my stay in Kuching..

first week activity ,Raja Rimba..Hail all the Raja's and Permaisuri's..ehehe

And this pic was taken during our visit at Tmpoint and we're so tired,going up and down the stairs and visit many many places during 1 day,hmmm they should manage the time and not make us tired like that anymore..urgh..but to receive goodies sure make us feel yippie!

And here's my group (Multitech)we were the group who they all love to make fun,always shouting out our groups energizer which also sounds the same with the CDMA brand, Huawei ..

And to our surprise,we won !!we won the group presentation!!through all the thick and thin we all went through together..we finally won!!after all the hard work...okay okay exagerating(okay im bad with spelling,can anyone tell me the right spelling?)..hehe i personally think that whenever they make fun of our energizer (which we dont mind ) they're in a way praying that we won,hehehe.

what did we get?hamper with lots of junkfoods!!

During our last night out...the night before we fly back to sabah!

And Rahimah..such a dear friend to us for letting us using her car during our stay there..we owe u big time rahimah!

Girls rules!!Thanks Amalina for the superb laksa assam ur mum made for us!!!

having fun!hehe.Zairil,thanks for all the things that u help us get!the pail,the extension board,the ikan terubok as well as the top ups!ehehe thanks !!Also to Sabari for the kuih lapis!!

Last but not least ,To all my Sarawakian and Sabahan friends,Thank you so much and we all had fun during the course,right?I am sorry if i ever hurt ur feelings or make u guys feel annoyed by me in anyway whether i notice it or not , please accept my apology.Sepuluh Jari kuhulur memohon maaf atas salah dan silap.Kalau ada sumur di ladang,Bolehlah kita menuai padi,Kalau ada umur yang panjang,InsyaAllah kita berjumpa lagi.

you guys rawks!

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At December 18, 2007 at 2:47 PM, Anonymous Lance said...

Seems like u had lots of fun back there in s'wak! Despite ur bad hostel experience. Good 4 u! ^-^

P.S.:Finally saw ur "24/7 behind the phone guy"! ;> *wink~!*

At December 18, 2007 at 3:18 PM, Blogger Shana said...

lance: heheh :P

At December 18, 2007 at 5:31 PM, Blogger Nessa said...

Tomyam susu? Tomyam kapal pecah? Terror oh nama dia. Teda pictures of the food ka?

At December 19, 2007 at 5:45 PM, Blogger mArMaLaDe said...

wah...ada changes sda ka Kuching?

miss to b there, i mean at KUCHING..miss my x-classmate a lot! :)

At December 21, 2007 at 3:42 PM, Blogger Nick Phillips said...

From those pictures I wouldn't have guessed you missed home. Looked like you had a great time ... LOL!


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